5 Underwater Tourist Attractions

Submarine Tours: The Dry Way to Dive
Submarine tours give let you take in the sights in the comfort of a pressurized cabin.
Submarine tours give let you take in the sights in the comfort of a pressurized cabin.
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If you prefer to experience your underwater sea views through a porthole rather than a diving mask, a submarine tour might be just the ticket for you and your family.

Atlantis Submarine Tours have been conducting family-friendly underwater submarine trips in places like Hawaii, Guam and the Caribbean since 1986. Explore coral reefs, shipwrecks and other submerged wonders in the comfort and safety of an enclosed viewing gallery. Clients experience no pressure changes and have the convenience of easy bathroom access. Tours take as little as 35 minutes and are a great way for the whole family to enjoy an undersea adventure.

Submarine enthusiasts looking for a bit more of a thrill (and holding a lot more cash) can build or buy a personal submarine. Wet subs require divers to breathe through scuba diving gear, but they allow for increased dive time and the ability to transport air tanks, hunting equipment and other gear. In a semi-dry sub, divers sit chest-deep in water, but they're able to breathe and enjoy the view without any diving gear. Prefabricated, semi-dry personal submarines, such as the SportSub Solo and the Resort Sub, are available starting at $30,000 from International VentureCraft Corporation.

If a day of underwater photography, scuba diving, snorkeling and submarine cruising won't satisfy your appetite for undersea adventure, consider spending the night. We discuss underwater hotels in the next section.

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