5 Suggestions for Scenic Cycling Day Trips


Provence, France

A cycling trip in Provence is a good way to see the beautiful French countryside.
A cycling trip in Provence is a good way to see the beautiful French countryside.
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Ah, Provence. You're in love with this one already, aren't you? This storied region of southeastern France is known for its stunning, picturesque countryside and generally moderate temps. In the Luberon area, you'll be cycling through pretty hilltop villages overlooking verdant agricultural fields below; several hundred miles' worth of signed bike paths making it a snap to navigate [source: Lonely Planet]. In Provence's heartland near the Rhone River, you'll find flat farmland studded with the impressive remains of ancient Roman arenas, theaters and monuments [sources: The Guardian, Bicycle Touring Guide].

If you're intimidated by hills and traffic, don't worry. Much of the terrain is fairly bikeable, featuring small slopes and rolling hills. And you'll mainly be pedaling along side roads and small highways with only a hint of traffic. Of course, if you want more of a challenge, Provence can dish that up, too. Head for any of the ascents up the Plateau de Sault or, if you've really got a lot of moxy, try the massive, windy Mont Ventoux, probably the second most famous climb in the storied Tour de France, after the Alpe d'Huez [sources: The Guardian, Bicycle Touring Guide, Grenoble Cycling].

Perhaps best of all, you'll never go hungry when cycling here. Roadside stands offer everything from delectable cheese, sausage, olives and preserves to crusty breads and prime vino [source: Bicycle Touring Guide].