5 Amazing Rescues


Moko and the Whales

Sometimes humans just can't cut it, and it takes a very brave animal to pull off an amazing rescue. In 2008, a friendly bottlenose dolphin saved a sperm whale and her calf by leading them off of a sandbar on the New Zealand coast.

After making their best efforts to lead the whales to safety, a group of rescuers were preparing to euthanize them when a dolphin named Moko appeared and seemed to communicate with the whales. While humans had attempted to guide the whales for hours, Moko got his message across in a matter of minutes. He led the whales through a 200-yard (182-meter) channel to the sea.

The whales haven't been seen since, but Moko, who died in 2010, frequently returned to play with swimmers in the bay. Perhaps he was looking to see if there were any more creatures in need of a helping flipper.