5 Amazing Rescues

The captain of the U.S. Airways  plane that crashed into the Hudson River receives recognition at the Super Bowl. See our collection of flight pictures.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We tend to toss around the word hero without much thought. We fixate on actors and athletes -- people who've somehow la­ssoed fame long enough to w­alk red carpets and lure flash photographers. But sometimes we neglect to consider those who truly demonstrate heroic qualities -- those who make crucial split-second decisions or plot carefully constructed plans to rescue people in danger, all while putting their own lives at risk.

In these five amazing rescue stories, you'll meet courageous people who braved death to save others. These champion lifesavers range from average citizens to high-profile political prisoners, and have rescued loners in distress and entire communities. You'll even meet some altruistic animals that masterminded rescues humans couldn't engineer. How did these rescuers brave everything from fire to ice to save lives?