Top 5 Coolest Places to See Fireworks


Sydney Harbour -- Sydney, Australia

Fireworks shoot from the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
Fireworks shoot from the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Sydney Harbour is breathtaking at any time of day or year, but it literally lights up on New Year's Eve. The midnight fireworks are preceded by family events, a smaller fireworks show and a Harbour of Light boat parade. Overlooking the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour pyrotechnics are technically stunning. The display takes place over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, providing a spectacular backdrop to Australia's New Year's Eve celebration.

Each year, the fireworks are set to a theme of current and popular music. If you have the means, the best way to view the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks is by boat. Several companies offer harbour cruise packages just for New Year's Eve. Also, the official Web site provides a map of the best vantage points around Sydney.