Top 5 Coolest Places to See Fireworks


St. Charles River -- Boston, Mass.

Nobody does Fourth of July quite like Boston. The fireworks display on the St. Charles River is one of the biggest in the nation. The show, which is synchronized with the Boston Pops orchestra, takes 11 days to prepare and lasts 21 minutes from start to finish. It requires more than 25,000 pounds of fireworks, hauled out onto the river via barges. Five miles of wires help synchronize the explosives with the music. Half a million people watch the show live on the banks of the river, and another 6 to 8 million watch the show on TV, according to

The best place to watch is from the Oval, which is the lawn area directly in front of the Boston Pops orchestra shell. People wait in line all day for the free -- but first-come, first-served -- event, in order to hear the orchestra and see the fireworks.