5 Fun Hawaiian Volcano Adventures


Hiking Trails and Bicycle Tours

Hiking on a volcano offers unique views.
Hiking on a volcano offers unique views.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Cycling and hiking take on a whole new dimension when you get to experience them in the context of a Hawaiian volcano.

Hikers will want to check out Devastation Trail in Volcanoes National Park. This easy 0.5 mile hike takes you to the rim of Kilauea Iki Crater where you'll find skeletons of trees left behind after a devastating volcanic eruption. There are also tour companies that will take you on guided hikes to volcano hotspots like Kilauea. One such tour, the "Kilauea Volcano Discovery Hiking Adventure," is offered by Hawaiian Walkways. This 6-hour hike pairs sights of Kilauea's actively flowing lava with historical facts and fascinating Hawaiian folklore.

Until 2007, bicycle tours from the summit of Haleakala were one of East Maui's most popular attractions. However, a series of accidents proved the thrill-ride to be perhaps a little too thrilling. Today, downhill bicycle tours start partway down the volcano, just outside the boundaries of Haleakala National Park. Despite trimming the descent by a couple of kilometers, bicycle tours down Haleakala are as popular, and now safer, than ever.

If you're planning to take a bike tour down Haleakala, you might want to arrive early so that you have time to visit the summit before biking down. Sunrise at the summit is something you won't want to miss. Learn all about sunrises and stargazing on Haleakala next.