Top 10 Extreme Vacations


Stunt Experience

Get a taste of what it's like to be a stunt person in Hollywood by signing on for a stunt experience vacation, like the ones offered by Thrillseekers Unlimited. During this adrenaline-pumping week, you'll try a variety of common stunts, like shooting heavy weapons. After several hours of target practice with Glocks, shotguns, submachine guns and more, you'll have a special session on military-style air munitions, then team up for a real battle. If it's your day to learn falls, you'll first simulate flying through the air from an explosion or gun blast using mini and competition trampolines, then jump out of a tower into cushy air bags. And what's a movie without a few brawls? Besides perfecting a choreographed fight scene, you'll learn to perform a "ratchet" using a special harness; ratchets pull a performer backwards to simulate the after-effects of a hard kick, punch or shotgun blast. Round out your vacation by performing partial body burns and stunt driving that includes 180s and evasive driving techniques [source: Thrillseekers Unlimited].