Top 10 Extreme Vacations


Space Travel

If you're hoping your vacation will be a chance to get away from it all, perhaps your best bet is in the infinity of space. With the market and interest growing rapidly and large scale investors getting involved, the reality of space tourism is growing ever closer. And why not? It's a chance to free yourself from the grips of Earth's gravity and feel the weightlessness of space as you circle your home planet hundreds of miles above its surface.

Although your options are limited at the moment in respect to actual space travel, several major companies are in the process of building ships that will take tourists on a suborbital flight [source: Space]. And Virgin Galactic has already built its ships and hopes to begin flights by the end of 2012, although 2013 is more likely [source: Kansas City Star]. You'll need a lot of cash, though; tickets run $200,000 [source: Virgin Galactic]. Companies are also looking into public ships that will allow for longer flights deep into space. That being said, your best bet for the weightless feeling will be to take a zero gravity flight (check out the sidebar for details).