Top 5 Most Extreme Bungee Jumping Destinations


Bhote Kosi River Bridge, Nepal

Looking down on the Bhote Kosi River, the 524.93-foot [160-meter] span is Nepel's first bungee jumping site. Built by the Swiss, the bridge, which is nothing more than a narrow steel walkway, is less than three hours outside of Kathmandu [source:]. The bridge seems lonely and desolate as its sways above the river gorge. The jump is supposedly one of the longest free-fall dives in the world of bungee jumping. The bridge was built in 2000 by a private company specifically for the sport, although locals are allowed to use the bridge to get from one place to another [source: Daily Times].

In 2010, angry residents shut down the bridge for a time in a dispute over ownership. It seems the locals were to take control of the bridge 10 years after it was built. The company says the bridge is important for tourism and that they give local residents money to build and access [source: Daily Times].