Top 10 Everyday Items You Can Repurpose in a Survival Scenario



In a survival situation, shoelaces do more than just keep your boots on.
In a survival situation, shoelaces do more than just keep your boots on.
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Shoelaces can serve a number of purposes -- whenever you might need rope or string, your shoelaces usually can do the job. You can use them to make a splint in case of injury. If you have a sharp object to use as a hook, a shoelace can make a decent fishing line. Tie sticks together to make a quick lean-to shelter or even a raft.

You can quickly build an emergency "poncho shelter" by using your shoelaces along with a tarp or rain poncho. Tie the laces together, stretch them between two tree trunks, tie them around and hang the plastic over, like a tent. You can then use some sharp sticks as tent stakes.

You can even start a fire with nothing but your shoelaces and some sticks and wood. The bow-and-drill method will start a fire by creating friction. Use your shoelace to create the part of the bow that will be tied around the drill, keeping it in place as you saw back and forth to generate the hot shavings that will trigger your fire.

If you're feeling even more creative with your shoelaces, you can follow Bear Grylls' example. On an episode of his show "Man vs. Wild," he used his shoelaces to climb up a tree to get a better view of the surrounding land. By tying his shoelaces together -- while still wearing the shoes -- he was able to shimmy up the trunk using the laces for traction.

In fact, you might notice more people wearing sneakers and hiking boots on flights and boat rides so they'll have access to this everyday survival accessory in case disaster strikes.

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