5 Camping Activities Your Kids Will Love


Tell Some Campfire Stories

What's a late-night campfire without storytelling? It's a tradition that likely goes back to man's discovery of fire itself. There's just something about the flickering light, the darkness and silence that make us want to share legends and spooky tales.

Most of us think of ghost stories when we think about telling campfire stories, but if you have younger kids, that might not be the best idea. You don't want to be up all night because your 7-year-old is having nightmares about a man with a hook for an arm.

Tell funny family stories. Go around the campfire playing a game of "I Remember" -- "I remember the day you were born." "I remember the time Dad fell in the pool with all his clothes on." "I remember the day Fluffy got stuck in a tree." Or make up the story together. Start by setting up the story, and then go around the campfire having everyone add one sentence. You'll have a lot of laughs and a very creative story that the kids will remember for a long time.