5 Adventures in Eating You'll Never Forget


Eat in the Dark

Has the power ever gone out at your house or apartment? You probably have candles and flashlights to brighten the room a bit, but the relative darkness still makes the most basic tasks -- bathing, cooking, eating -- a little more difficult. So imagine how inconvenient it would be to have dinner in total darkness. And now you can find out exactly what that's like, thanks to a string of new restaurants that serve customers in pitch-black dining rooms.

As you might expect, the experience at an unlit restaurant is much different from one with lights. First, customers enter into an illuminated entrance hall where they order from a menu of dark-friendly foods (no peas, spaghetti, or meat with bones, for example). Then, they're led to their tables in a room totally devoid of light; not even glowing watches or cell phones are allowed. Typically, a staff of blind or visually impaired waiters and waitresses, accustomed to navigating places without the benefit of sight, serves food to patrons who struggle to herd it onto their forks and spoons. While the logistics of eating in the dark can be a challenge, the real reward is the flavor of the food itself. In an environment that renders the eyes useless, the senses of taste and smell are heightened, offering an unforgettable eating adventure.

Sound fun? Then visit Opaque, with locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and New York, or one of many other dark dining restaurants across Europe and Asia.