15 Tips for Surviving a Shark Attack

Shark Image Gallery Don't wear shiny jewelry if you're going to be swimming near sharks, as they may mistake it for fish scales. See more pictures of sharks.
Photo courtesy Shark Diver

The movie "Jaws" makes it seem like sharks prowl the seas looking to eat the relatives and friends of specific town police chiefs. But in reality, sharks don't particularly like the taste of human, and most shark attacks are a case of mistaken identity. For example, you’re a surfer floating on your board, but from the waters below you look a lot like a sea lion. So, the shark goes in for a nibble.

It's all fine and well that the shark didn't mean to mistake you for a sea lion except when it severs your arm from your body. In 2005, there were 58 unprovoked shark attacks reported. Less than 10 of those attacks, which occurred off the coasts of California, Hawaii and Brazil, were fatal. On dry land, 58 may seem like a pretty low number. But when you're mulling around in murky waters wondering what just bumped your leg, it doesn't. In that moment of horror, you'll wish you had some shark defense tactics seared into your brain. Keep reading to get trained in shark attack readiness.