13 Vintage Businesses on Historic Route 66


Haunted Natatorium (Amarillo, Texas)

This indoor swimming pool opened in 1922, but by 1926 it had been purchased by J. D. Tucker, who converted it to a dance hall. Tucker covered the pool with a wooden dance floor and hosted flappers during the Roaring Twenties. Musical legends such as Tommy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Holly, and Roy Orbison came to play, and, at one time, it took a staff of 52 to serve the crowds.

It is said that several apparitions, including a ghostly couple, can be spotted dancing among today's dancers. In 1996, the Nat conducted an all-night "ghost-busting" of sorts. The cameras mysteriously turned themselves off, but a solo drummer and a female vocalist were recorded on audio. The Natatorium has been meticulously restored to reflect the whimsical roadway architecture of Route 66. It still hosts musical acts and is a popular entertainment venue, attracting artists such as the Dixie Chicks.