10 Awesome Tree Houses You Can Stay In


Green Magic Treehouse Resort, India

India is a country that Westerners tend to visit in search of new experiences that are completely foreign from their lives at home, and few hotels embody that romantic ideal more than the Green Magic Treehouse Resort. Located in the middle of the rainforest in Kerala, India, there are three different tree houses at the resort. The first is located 60 feet (18.29 meters) above ground, and it's reached by "water lift" -- one person stands in a cage-like structure, while another person, aided by a water counterweight, hoists them up with ropes. The second tree house is located 70 feet (21.34 meters) above ground, and the third is at an impressive height of 115 feet (35.05 meters). The tree houses each have two bedrooms, and they feature full-service bathrooms, thatched roofs and wraparound balconies. Rates start at $210 per night [source: The Guardian].