10 Awesome Tree Houses You Can Stay In

Minister's Treehouse
You'll find the Minister's Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee. The minister who was inspired to build it said everyone was welcome.
Michael Hicks/Moment/Getty Images

Nothing brings out the inner child in us all like a tree house. Maybe we read "Swiss Family Robinson" a few too many times when we were younger, but there's something romantic about being suspended up in the trees while enjoying all (or at least most of) the comforts of home. The interesting thing about tree houses is that they aren't confined to a specific geographic region; in all parts of the world, from North American to Southeast Asia -- basically, wherever there are large, strong trees -- people have built fantastical tree houses.

There's really only one rule for building a tree house: that trees serve as the foundation.

For that reason, each tree house tends to be completely unique. In fact, in some places they're actually illegal because they don't conform to existing building codes. Tree houses come in all shapes and sizes; some are rustic, open-air structures, while others come with electricity, plumbing and full kitchens. Some are perched more than 100 feet (30.5 meters) off the ground, while some are built just a few feet above ground.

Visiting a tree house is one thing, but spending the night in one is a different experience altogether. Once the sun goes down and everything gets quiet, you can sometimes feel the tree house gently sway with the tree in the breeze. And because they're so popular, many tree houses are available for rent, functioning as whimsical bed and breakfasts. Whether you're planning a zip line adventure in Costa Rica or going hiking in the Pacific Northwest, chances are there's a tree house nearby. Keep reading to see some of the top tree houses across the world that you can stay in.