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Maharajas' Express in India

India relies on trains for transportation of both people and goods.
India relies on trains for transportation of both people and goods.

People often compare traveling on the Maharajas' Express to a luxury cruise on land. You make the trip from Bombay to Delhi in total comfort. India has a number of luxury train lines, but as of this writing, the Maharajas' Express is the newest and most opulent.

Whenever passengers enter or exit the train, the Maharajas' Express literally rolls out the red carpet. The staff on the train wears traditional Indian dress complete with turbans. The carriages feature rich details, and the train's passenger cabins all have individual air conditioning, TVs, DVD players and Internet access.

Passengers on this eight-day train trip get the royal treatment. It stops often for tours and museum visits, and you even get to share meals and high tea with different maharajas. During a stop in Jaipur, you get to play polo while riding on an elephant's back. Later in the trip, there's a planned photo opportunity with a tiger. Of course, no royal tour of India would be complete without a visit to the Taj Majal.

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