Ride the Rails: Top 10 Train Trips for Families


California Zephyr

For families looking to travel cross-country, the California Zephyr is a viable option. Although probably pricier than taking the gang on the road, the comfort and relaxation of traveling by train can quickly outweigh the alternative -- cramped, crabby passengers begging for potty breaks, roadside food of questionable quality, and the constant loading and unloading of luggage, strollers, toys and all the rest.

On the Zephyr, which runs between Chicago and San Francisco, travelers can take in both natural and urban sights. The train line runs through Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver and Omaha, along with smaller cities and towns that fill in the gaps along the way. In terms of scenic views, travelers will see the Sierra Nevada range, the Rocky Mountains and countless other breathtaking scenes. Sleeping cars and dining cars are icing on the cake.