10 of the World's Most Touristy Cities

Cancún, Mexico
Canadian tourists pose for a pic with a Mexican man wearing a pre-Hispanic costume at a tourist area of Playa del Carmen. Pedro PARDO/AFP/Getty Images

Cancún is exactly what you think it is, a great place to lounge drunkenly on the beach all day, then head out at night to dance drunkenly on top of a table wearing a sombrero before passing out with a stranger and waking up (still pretty drunk) to your all-inclusive breakfast buffet. If you are looking for an authentic Mexican travel experience, look elsewhere. Cancún is about beaches, booze and reinforcing every ignorant stereotype you have about Mexico and its people. Body shots, anyone?

OK, fine, this is mostly true of the Spring Break version of Cancún, which is when the town and its underage tourists are on their worst behavior. But that doesn't mean that Cancún is exactly a cultural mecca the other 11 months of the year. The beaches are beautiful and the snorkeling and diving in nearby Isla de Mujeres is world-class, but prepare yourself for a hundred daily conversations with aggressive timeshare salesmen, snorkeling tour hawkers and insistent young ladies who really think you'd look great with a head full of braids.

You can try to escape the tourist bubble, but you'll have to go pretty far afield to find peace and tranquility. Don't expect it in nearby Playa del Carmen, which boasts a main drag lined with every tourist cliché short of a wax museum (too hot, probably). The much-advertised "eco parks" are like snorkeling in an aquarium -- pretty, but pretty weird. The ruins at Tulum are a better bet, and the two-hour bus ride to the Mayan temples at Chichen Itza is well worth the trip. That is, if you can go half a day without a body shot.

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