10 Tips for a Costa Rican Surfing Trip


More Advanced Surf Spots

More experienced surfers might desire a slightly different -- and perhaps far more challenging -- trip. Because of Costa Rica's incredible lengths of coastlines, intermediate and extremely advanced surfers can all find a place to lay their boards.

Ollie's Point (on the North Pacific side) is a well-known spot for surfing, but dangerous rocks and a tide-dependent ride mean that it's best for more experienced surfers. Just keep in mind that there's no road access, and you'll have to take a boat to get there, which is also a plus for keeping crowds away during most weekdays.

Consider yourself an expert, or just extremely reckless? Well, you're in luck. On the Caribbean side, Puerto Viejo is the place for experts--and seriously folks, this means only experts--to test their mettle. The gold ring is the Salsa Brava, a gigantic wave that can reach up to 16 feet (4.8 meters) [source: Surf Voucher].

Of course, even experienced surfers need to remember to watch the swells, and pay attention to seasonal windows. Salsa Brava, for instance, is going to really hit its peak from December to April, and June to July. Don't be caught off-guard.