10 Tiny Towns with Big Tourism Dreams

Red Bay, Ala.
Red Bay hopes to entice tourists in town for the RV servicing to stay for the bird watching. © Arthur Morris/Corbis

Population: 3,500 [source: Odell]

The tourist draw of Red Bay, Ala., might be one for record books: RV servicing.

Tiffin Motor Homes, which produces and services its products in Red Bay, has been located in the small town since the 1940s, and the family-owned plant (which promises at least one Tiffin family member on-site at all times) has quite the loyal customer base [source: Tiffin]. Thousands of Tiffin-vehicle owners make trips from near and far to Alabama specifically to have their motor homes serviced at the plant, which offers its own amenity-laden campground and plant tours, too [source: Odell].

Red Bay, for its part, has decided to build on the Tiffin tourism. The town has no hotels as of 2013, but campers don't need them anyway. What they likely would love is the new kayak route, horseback trail and birding program being developed by the town to draw even more RV owners to the area -- and get them to stay there long after their motor home is finished with its tune-up [source: Odell].