10 Threats You Should Never Try to Outrun

A Tornado
Nope, you can't outrun a tornado. Your best bet is to shelter in place. Ig0rZh/iStock/Thinkstock

Most crazy storm chasers that you see on TV know well enough not to try to outrun a twister. They just try to stay far enough away from a tornado to avoid its wrath. For the rest of us amateurs, the best thing to do is shelter in place. Evacuation routes can get easily clogged with cars, especially in small towns and rural areas with fewer get-away routes. That leaves people trying to flee from a tornado in the more vulnerable position of being trapped in their cars when a big one barrels through the area [source: Terry-Cobo].

The best option is to go to the basement of your home, or at least to the area closest to the ground. Use pillows and blankets to cover yourself from falling objects [source: Terry-Cobo].