10 Things That Can Go Wrong in Air Sports


Getting Lost on Landing

Sometimes you just don't know which way is up.
Sometimes you just don't know which way is up.
Darryl Leniuk/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Getting lost is no fun when you're on the ground, but getting lost after a flight is much worse. While you're flying through the sky -- no matter what mode of transport you choose -- there is always the possibility that you won't hit your target landing spot. A number of factors can affect this, from the wind to your own bad judgment.

If you hit the ground in unfamiliar territory, it can be terrifying and confusing. Before you take off, you'll want to make sure you have a few survival items with you. Depending on the type of flight you're on and the air sport you're taking part in, you'll at least want to have a GPS, compass and map of the area. It's also best to have a cell phone and, if you can carry it, a two-way radio [source: Air Sports Net].

Regardless of your skill, you'll want to keep an eye on the ground as you get closer to it, so you can plan your escape route before you even land. However, if your landing catches you off guard or if you're injured, it may be best to call for help and wait for assistance to come to you.