10 Sprawliest Cities in the United States



Though this street in downtown Nashville looks quiet, commuters in Music City spend more time in their cars than anywhere else in the U.S.A. Matthew D White/Peter Arnold/Getty Images
Though this street in downtown Nashville looks quiet, commuters in Music City spend more time in their cars than anywhere else in the U.S.A. Matthew D White/Peter Arnold/Getty Images

The country music capital of the U.S. has less of a reputation for sprawl than some of the other cities on this list, but as far back as 2001, the region was cited as the most spread out [source: El Nasser]. And that still holds true today.

Metro area drivers in the Music City spend an extra 120 hours a year in their cars specifically because of sprawl, as measured based on factors like time spent traveling and congestion, according to an analysis by CEOs for Cities and Good Magazine. That's the most in the nation [sources: Metropolitan Planning Organization, Good Magazine, Benfield].

In 2012, Nashville city officials recognized the strain that sprawl has put on metro area drivers and the need to link planning, development and transportation efforts as a result. The 25-year Regional Transportation Plan is intended to use nearly $6 billion to make the city and surrounding area more bicycle and pedestrian friendly, add public transit options and develop affordable housing closer to the areas where most people work [source: Metropolitan Planning Organization].

For the time being, you don't need to go anywhere near a car to enjoy other articles about sprawl, commuting and city planning. Just continue on to the next page.

Author's Note: 10 Sprawliest Cities in the United States

The best way to gauge a city's sprawl, in my own humble opinion, is by looking for a hotel in it using one of those online search engines. The father away the properties that the site spits out to you, the worse the sprawl. In my own hometown of D.C., for example, I often have friends who come to town on business and somehow end up in a Holiday Inn in the Ballston section of Arlington, Va. That's a mere 6.1 miles from the White House, but the pseudo suburban location is a far cry from being in the nation's capital.

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