10 Most Endangered Lighthouses in the World


Galinhos Lighthouse, Northern Brazil

Lighthouses don't get much more endangered than the one at Galinhos in Northern Brazil and remain standing for long. Although this lighthouse was built as a structure on land, because of erosion, it now lies in the water at high tide. Like most South American countries, Brazil puts its lighthouses under the control of its navy, and the lighthouses are usually well maintained. The one at Galinhos is an exception. It's still active, but it probably can't stand indefinitely in the water.

The Galinhos light is small by lighthouse standards, only about 45 feet (14 meters) high. It's on a sandy beach and is often mentioned as a tourist attraction. Made of concrete, the lighthouse has a round tower and a gallery, and it's painted with horizontal red and white stripes. The lighthouse station was opened in 1931.