10 Most Dangerous Places You Should Definitely Visit



Yemen, though still a developing country, offers modern amenities in the tourist resort areas along its southern coast. The beaches of Socotra, Aden and Kamaran Island are sights to behold. The good news about crime in Yemen is that it's usually limited to carjackings, and of those, almost all involve the theft of a four-wheel drive vehicle. The downside of Yemen is that the U.S. government believes that the extremist organization Al Qaeda has set up camp there. The U.S. State Department is worried about the safety of American tourists in Yemen considering Al Qaeda's suspected presence. In September 2008, a terrorist attack on a United States embassy building resulted in the death of an American tourist [source: Department of State]. Other attacks in March and April of 2008 yielded injuries to American tourists as well. The State Department cautions tourists to stay away from areas where political demonstrations are taking place. Stick to the resort areas, and whatever you do, don't rent a four-wheel drive vehicle.