10 Most Dangerous Places You Should Definitely Visit

For some destinations, the biggest danger is running out of ice and sunblock. See more pictures of beaches.
Chad Ehlers/Getty Images

Traveling is supposed to be about leaving the frustrations of job and home life behind for a week of relaxation and invigoration. Sure, there are inherent risks whenever you travel to different parts of the world, but some countries can be downright dangerous for the unaware traveler. Travel dangers come in all shapes and sizes. One country may be war-torn and full of desperate marauders. Another may be known for petty theft and street violence. Some dangers are inherent in the land itself, with wildlife, terrain and weather conditions that could prove perilous. The problem is that some places are still worth visiting despite these dangers. Not every traveler wants an umbrella drink in their hand and their toes in the sand. Some people crave danger up close and personal. Others find the reward outweighs the risk. We'll look at 10 dangerous places that are still on the list of must-sees for the adventurous traveler.