10 Landmarks You'd Better Be in Shape to Visit


Pyramids of Giza

The allure and mystique surrounding pyramids, like the Pyramids of Giza located in Egypt, have drawn people for millennia. If you had come along at a much earlier time in history, you may have had a chance to scale one of them. Now climbing the Pyramids of Giza is absolutely forbidden. The closest you'll come is to snag one of the limited number of tickets that allow you to tour selected areas inside the massive fortresses. At a minimum, be prepared for a half-day or day-long trip when visiting the pyramids. Although visits to the pyramids won't leave you as exhausted as some of the other landmarks we've explored in this article, you will need to be in shape for the rugged areas inside the pyramid. You'll also need sturdy walking shoes.

Let's imagine if you were to scale the Pyramids of Giza. The tallest one is 481 feet (147 meters) at its peak [source: National Geographic Society]. You'd be climbing up stone blocks without much to hold onto. It would probably be a good idea to strap on rock or mountain climbing gear, and you probably would want to attempt this feat with a partner or team.

On our final stop we'll be descending below sea level.