10 Landmarks You'd Better Be in Shape to Visit


Mount Everest

Several thousand thrill-seekers have successfully climbed the world's highest mountain and the tallest point on Earth: Mount Everest [source: Bryant]. Located in the Himalayas, this mountain lies along the border of Tibet and Nepal. At 29,035 feet (8,850 meters) high, this mountain is known for potentially fatal avalanches and particularly deadly spots like Khumbu Ice Fall. Two hundred people have died in the process of scaling Mount Everest -- 120 bodies are yet unrecovered.

For this climb, be well-prepared with protective gear and gadgets. You name it: You're going to need everything a serious mountain climber requires and more. Clothing, tents, GPS, flashlights, cooking gear, cameras, batteries, oxygen, harnesses,and crampons are starters. But none of that equipment will replace what you need most -- superb physical conditioning. Excellent fitness will help you withstand the frigid temperatures, harsh winds and climb up the snowy, icy, rugged terrain.

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