10 Landmarks You'd Better Be in Shape to Visit


The North Pole

Overlooking an Inuit village at the North Pole.
Overlooking an Inuit village at the North Pole.

Make way Santa and Rudolph! These days, visiting the North Pole isn't limited to Christmas dreams or sophisticated expedition teams. You can book an airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, a ski trip or cruise ship to the North Pole. You can even take a two month dogsled tour! Additionally, there are 100-percent-foot-powered trips available in March and April. Organizers regularly host festivals at the North Pole and some couples choose this landmark as their honeymoon vacation destination.

Traveling via skis or on foot are the two most physically demanding modes of reaching the North Pole. You'll be exposed to extremely cold temperatures for days at a time and you'll need to be up for long days of physical exertion minus the comforts of home. Most tour operators will require you to get clearance from your doctor that you're healthy enough to make it through the trip -- whether by aircraft, watercraft or muscle power.

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