10 Great Foodie Vacations



British food has long been a punchline in the culinary world. Things like "bubble and squeak" or "bangers and mash" don't exactly scream "haute cuisine." Lately, though, London has made a name for itself for its plethora of authentic ethnic restaurants -- Indian food especially. A good takeaway curry is probably one of the most popular dishes in all of England. Most chefs and restaurateurs eschewed traditional British food in favor of more international fare.

But today, many new young chefs are embracing tradition. Eateries are popping up everywhere serving traditional British dishes. It could be nostalgia, or a desire to use local ingredients, or reclaim British cuisine, but whatever the reason, many of such restaurants are taking over the London scene. Most traditional British food revolves around a meat and a starch, but you'll find delicious variations on this theme.