10 Disaster Survival Tips for Pets


Shelter from the Storm

With the exception of service animals, most emergency shelters don't accept pets on site for public health reasons. However, there are a few pet-friendly shelters in most states. Ready.gov, an online campaign developed by FEMA, Citizens Corp, American Red Cross and the Humane Society, offers a robust set of resources and tools for pet owners. You can also find a list of pet-friendly shelters at petfriendlytravel.com.

Once you identify an emergency shelter that will accept you and Fluffy, probe further by asking the following:

  • How does in-take work? Is it first-come, first served?
  • Is there a cap on the number of pets accepted overall, or is it per person?
  • Are there any restrictions such as type of pets allowed or certain breeds?
  • Does the shelter offer room and board, or is the owner expected to supply food and water for the pet?
  • Is there a maximum amount of time allowed in terms of staying on-site?