10 Disaster Survival Tips for Pets



Should a speedy evacuation be under order, the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to round up your four-legged friend. Make sure your pet is crate-trained or at least crate-friendly, so the animal will respond immediately when called during a disaster.

Many animal behavior experts, such as Diana L. Guerrero, advise pet owners to develop a trigger to get the animal to go to the crate (be it a word, noise, or whistle); then follow up by rewarding the pet with a treat every time the specific sound is presented. Investing time in this type of training up front could prove beneficial should you need to retrieve your pet quickly so it can be relocated to a safer area.

Also, consider keeping a spare crate in your car or at a friend's house. In some instances, you might not have more than a split second to grab your pet with your own two hands and go!