World's 10 Craziest Hotels


Goldfish Hotel - Amsterdam Airport, Netherlands

This hotel has everything you're looking for: a tennis court, pool and plenty of waterfront views. Perhaps the waterfront views are too expansive -- this hotel is for goldfish, not humans.

Every fish owner knows the risks of taking an extended vacation. When left to their own devices, fish aren't exactly self-sufficient. And no matter how much food you leave drifting on top of the tank, there's still a good chance you'll come home to a famished, floating fish. If you drop off your finned pal at the Goldfish Hotel at the Amsterdam Airport, you can rest easy knowing he's swimming it up in the world's only fish-centered inn. And if the worst does happen and you come back to find your pet bottom-up, you can take home any of the hotel's 80-plus permanent residents. That sure beats an impromptu toilet-bowl funeral, if you ask us.