World's 10 Craziest Hotels

Family Vacation Image Gallery The Wigwam Motel isn't authentic, but it sure is fun! See more family vacation pictures.
David McNew/Getty Images

If you're a seasoned traveler, chances are you've spent a night or two in an unusual hotel. Maybe your strange stay was due to a suspicious smell, questionable cleaning practices or erratic behavior from the staff. Or, you may have happened upon one of those hotels that's just crazy, unusual or bizarre in its own right. Trust us, those places are out there! From an adult-centric hotel that celebrates Christmas 24/7 in Japan to a Swedish inn that offers submerged sleeping quarters, there's no lack of strange places catch some ZZZs, regardless of where in the world you happen to be traveling.

Have you been looking for a hotel that offers comfortable lodging but also pays tribute to our Native American past? Don't bother scanning the roadside for smoke signals -- we'll tell you where to go on the next page.