10 Cities You Can See By Mass Transit



After arriving at Narita International Airport, stop at the Japan National Tourist Organization Information Center to pick up free maps, brochures and other tourist information on Tokyo. Begin your mass transit journey on Narita Limited Express, running directly from the airport to Central Tokyo Station in less than 60 minutes [source: Keisei Electric Railway].

Once downtown, ride one of Tokyo's two subway lines, Tokyo Metro or Toei. Ferries are a slower, but popular and inexpensive way to travel the islands of Tokyo. There are private cars available, but for a real local experience, join the majority of travelers in the large economy-class room, where everyone sleeps on the carpeted floor on long trips [sources: Hanyu Ferry, Meimon Taiyo Ferry]. The Japan Railway Pass, the Suica (Super Urban Intelligent Card) and PASMO (short for PASsnet MOre) are economical ways to travel Tokyo's mass transit and can be used on railways, buses, ferries and some bullet trains.