10 Cities You Can See By Mass Transit


Hong Kong

Double-decker buses are a common sight in Hong Kong.
Double-decker buses are a common sight in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway is the fastest way to get around. The red line, most popular with tourists, runs from Central Hong Kong Island along Nathan Road, which features shopping, restaurants and hotels.

Hong Kong boasts the most double-decker buses in the world. Trams show off breathtaking views of Northern Hong Kong's most popular attractions, including Victoria Peak. Star Ferry serves Victoria Harbour's piers, offering beautiful night views from the water.

Purchase the Octopus card, which is a prepaid smart card that allows you to pass through turnstiles and gates by waving the card over a sensor at all MTR stations and some ferry piers to save on fares. The card's Chinese name literally translates as "eight-access pass," and it allows you to ride on any Hong Kong transportation mode [source: Ko]. The Airport Express Travel Pass is another great option allowing unlimited mass-transit travel, plus a trip to and from the airport.