10 Cities You Can See By Mass Transit



It's a quick ride train ride to central Rome's Termini station (Rome's main transit hub) from Fiumicino Airport . From Termini, transfer to a bus or Rome's subway system, the Metro. Schedules and system construction are sometimes unpredictable, but Rome's mass transportation is still the cheapest way to explore. It doesn't cover much territory, but the Metro is faster than buses, which are often delayed by city traffic. Also, many metro stations are close to major tourist destinations like the Spanish Steps and the Vatican.

Buses, while sometimes crowded and undependable, are a great way to take in the city, if you're not in a hurry [source: Rome.info]. Bus tours which allow tourists to get on and off the bus to explore a variety of tourist destinations are popular [source: Viator]. It's not hard to find your way; most newsstands sell transit maps. Tickets are available at tobacco stands and vending machines at Metro stations, and at some bus stops. Rome's Travel Pass saves money and is good for bus and Metro travel. Trains to other parts of the country pass through or originate from Termini, allowing easy trips to other regions of Italy from Rome [source: Italian Rail].