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Take Sydney's Light Rail to get to Darling Harbour, where you're likely to find many places of interest.
Take Sydney's Light Rail to get to Darling Harbour, where you're likely to find many places of interest.

The home of the 2000 Summer Olympics, Sydney boasts an elaborate mass-transit system. Ride from Sydney Airport via Airport Link to the central Circular Quay station where you are a short walk from numerous hotels and tourist destinations, including the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Pass offers three-, five- and seven-day passes including return transportation to the airport from CityRail stations, harbour sight-seeing cruises, tour bus service, and unlimited city bus, ferry and inner city train services. You'll find the passes at Airport Link, CityRail stations, transit shops, Sydney Ferries ticket offices, kiosks and vending machines, and at selected travel agents [source: Sydney Pass].

Sydney's Light Rail offers frequent service from city center to Darling Harbour, where you'll find restaurants, museums and the Sydney Aquarium, among other tourist spots. Sydney also operates a large bus network, a monorail that runs along a loop through Sydney's central business district, and a fast ferry network with sites all along Sydney Harbour.

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