10 Challenging Adventure Trips for Climbers


Khan Tengri, Kazakhstan

Next on our list is an adventure that brings us to the Khan Tengri, a stunningly beautiful mountain at the convergence of three countries, China, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan [source: OrexCA]. It is part of the Tien Shan range, which is full of adventure opportunities, many of which focus on the mountains. Visitors to Tien Shan can experience some of the most amazing hiking, mountain biking, river rafting and skiing the world has to offer, all of which is surrounded by a rich and varied cultural environment [source: Kan Tengri, Ltd.].

One of the best adventures to be had in Kazakhstan is the climb to the peak of Khan Tengri. At 7,010 meters (22,998 feet) high, the Khan Tengri is one of the most northerly peaks in the world [source: Central Asian Online Travel Company]. It is a visually stunning experience in a remote mountain wilderness. Because the mountain is largely marble, it glows red in the evening sunset, creating a sharp contrast with its a snowy white peak [source: Summit Post].

Climbing Khan Tengri is an advanced mountaineering expedition. This multi-day adventure is physically and technically challenging, all the more so because of its high altitude and extreme cold [source: Central Asia Travel]. Rarely conquered in winter months because of the harsh conditions, most people summit the peaks of Khan Tengri in summer, when journeys typically last about 20 days [source: Adventure Peaks].

The Khan Tengri is on the short list of many adventurers who love a good hiking adventure. Though very challenging, climbers on this journey will be rewarded with stunning views of a place few humans will ever see first-hand. On most trips, the journey to base camp involves a helicopter through heavily glaciated and sharply jagged peaks, all setting the stage for the most amazing visual...the Khan Tengri, jewel of the Tien Shan [source: Adventure Peaks].