10 Best Street Foods From Around the World

Burek, Bosnia-Herzegovina
This version of the burek is filled with cheese. © Fondacci/Markezana/photocuisine/Corbis

The Bosnian people didn't invent burek, but by all accounts they've perfected it. This tubular flaky pastry stuffed with ground meat arrived in the Balkans by way of Turkey, where it's called börek.

In Bosnia, meat-filled burek is only one type of pita, the term for all rolled and stuffed pastries. Other varieties include a spinach-and-feta pita called zeljanica, an egg-and-cheese version called sirnica and a potato-and-onion-filled krompirusa. A sweet version with apples and cinnamon is called jabukara [source: Stephenson].

The best pita are still made by hand in Sarajevo, the impossibly thin dough rolled and flipped into wide ovals, then painted with oil and rolled gently around the chosen filling. (One local opined that the dough should be as soft as an earlobe.) The tubes of stuffed dough are then coiled into circles or lined up in tight rows before entering the oven until the top layers brown and blister and the savory center remains chewy and warm [source: Radio Free Europe].