10 Best Street Foods From Around the World

Banh Mi, Vietnam
A banh mi vendor plies her wares from a boat in Vietnam. Jupiterimages/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The banh mi is the world's best sandwich. Hands down. The Cubans make a mean cubano and it's hard to argue with an Italian panini, but if you want to know what heaven on bread tastes like, hop the next flight to Hanoi and sink your teeth into one of these French-Vietnamese beauties.

Vietnam was once a French colonial outpost and arguably the only good thing that came out of that chapter of Vietnamese history was the banh mi. A world-class banh mi starts with the bread, a fresh-baked mini baguette. The baguette is sliced lengthwise and slathered in mayonnaise and a thin spread of pâté. So far, so French.

But here's where things get interesting. The meat of choice is usually barbecued pork, although Vietnamese-style pork meatballs, pork "roll" or Vietnamese salami are other solid choices [source: Lonely Planet]. Then the veggies: thin-sliced cucumber, pickled daikon radish and carrots, a handful of cilantro and enough chili sauce (or straight chili peppers) to make you sweat.