10 Best Street Foods From Around the World

Pork Satay, Thailand
Here's a shot of freshly prepared pork satay at a street vendor in the Thai capital of Bangkok. Yvan Cohen/LightRocket via Getty Images

Like India, Thailand is a street food paradise. The noodle curries in coconut milk are somehow rich and light at the same time. The hand-pounded green papaya salad is shockingly vibrant. And tamarind-sweetened pad thai straight from a coal-fired wok and blanketed with a fried egg is almost a religious experience.

But if we had to choose the most iconic street food of Thailand, it has to be skewers of pork satay cooked on long charcoal grills and served with a vinegary cucumber salad and peanut dipping sauce. Authentic pork satay is marinated in a sweet and spicy paste of lemongrass, shallots, garlic, red chilies, galangal (a ginger-like spice) and fish sauce. While grilling, the pork skewers are brushed with coconut milk for a silky finish.