10 Best Street Foods From Around the World

Jerk Chicken, Jamaica
You can find authentic jerk chicken at Caribbean festivals all over the world, including the Caribana festival in Toronto, where this chicken was grilled. Ken Faught/Toronto Star via Getty Image

Jamaica's Boston Bay is the home of jerk chicken, and you'll find it being cooked there in large BBQ pits. Real jerk chicken is smoked, not grilled, over the native pimento wood, the same tree that gives us allspice. The chicken pieces are laid directly on top of green pimento logs, covered with metal sheets and smoked to a fall-off-the-bone-tender state using indirect heat from the smoldering coals beneath [source: Rothman].

The sweet notes of the pimento smoke add complexity to the fruity heat of the jerk marinade: a blend of Scotch bonnet peppers, allspice berries, green onions and fresh ginger [source: Rothman]. Enjoy that amazing chicken with a side of Jamaican rice and peas (kidney beans, technically) and a Red Stripe beer or a fizzy grapefruit soda called Ting [source: Dodson].