10 Best Street Foods From Around the World

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Author's Note: 10 Best Street Foods from Around the World

My wife and I lived in Mexico for about six years. Having traveled around the country and sampled much of its diverse and delicious regional cuisines, I was hard-pressed to pick a favorite for this list. My first instinct was to go with tacos, which are the de facto street food of Mexico, filled with grilled steak or sliced from rotating spits of pork for tacos al pastor. But there's something deeply authentic and soul-satisfying about a freshly formed hunk of masa stuffed with cheese and a wild selection of seasonal, local fillings. Quesadillas are only one variation on this theme. Gorditas are masa cakes that are stuffed and then pan fried for a crispy-chewy treat. Huaraches and tlacoyos in Mexico City are bigger and flatter griddle cakes that are covered pizza-style with refried beans, salty cheese and other toppings. Down in Oaxaca, the monstrous tlayudas are huge rounds of flattened masa cooked over smoky fires and topped again with beans, cheese and a side of crunchy chapulines, fried crickets. In the end, I chose quesadillas because they are found at street stands across Mexico and never fail to satisfy. ¡Buen provecho!

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