10 Best Snowboarding Spots in the United States


Mammoth Mountain, Calif.

Mammoth Mountain definitely lives up to its name. With a peak elevation of 11,053 feet (3,368 meters) and more than 3,500 acres (14.2 square kilometers) of terrain, Mammoth is the tallest ski resort in California. Winter becomes a six-month season at Mammoth, which welcomes about 400 inches (1,016 centimeters) of snowfall annually, and the boarding season lasts from about November until June. Even though it's chilly, Mammoth gets about 300 days of sunshine every year, making it the perfect destination for snowboarders seeking an everlasting winter.

Mammoth Mountain features a 600-foot-long (182-meter) and 22-foot-tall (6.7-meter) Super Duper Pipe, one of only a few halfpipes of this size in the world. In addition to the Super Duper Pipe, Mammoth also has the Mini Pipe and the Super Pipe, making it the only resort in North America with three different sized halfpipes. Its terrain parks are also consistently ranked among the world's best [source: Mammoth Mountain].