10 Best Snowboarding Spots in the United States


Big Sky, Mont.

Big Sky, Mont., located about an hour away from Bozeman, the nearest town, is ideal for boarders who want to shred some slopes while still having plenty of opportunities to check out the local scene. Home to about 20 restaurants and bars, a snowboard store and several lodges, Big Sky offers boarders about 3,500 acres (14 square kilometers) of land and two mountains, Lone and Andesite.

Although Lone Peak is a challenging peak for even experienced boarders, Big Sky also features intermediate and beginner slopes. Ever since a tram was installed in 1995 to the peak of Lone Mountain, this site has become a favorite of advanced boarders.

Big Sky receives lots of snow from storms heading in from the West and Southwest, and both the Lone and Andesite peaks pick up lots of snow from those storms. In the winter months, temperatures range from 42.8 to 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit (6 to 29 degrees Celsius), so bundle up for boarding fun.