10 Alternatives to the Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas Boulevard may be teeming with attractions, but what other cities cater to the world-traveling gambler? © Cameron Davidson/Corbis

Were there a Mensa of the marketing industry, the Vegas folks would be shoe-ins. The Nevada town is world renowned for its heady mix of the extravagant, the seedy, the naughty, the second-hand smoky and the jaw-droppingly gaudy.

And yet, it's been done, by many, and often. And contrary to the message put out by the "What Happens Here, Stays Here" geniuses, Sin City is not the only place to gamble the nights away.

Dozens of other destinations around the world offer their own takes on the gaming getaway, combining the excitement of the bet with their own local flavor -- roulette meets eco-tourism, white sand beaches, jazz or the fastest divorce in history.

Las Vegas may hold the title, but it's not the only city of sin. Here, you'll find 10 destinations for the gambler looking for something a little bit different. Something with less neon, or more yachts or a few deciduous trees.

Something, perhaps, with a Dutch accent.