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Enjoy the beautiful coast of California to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado on your next road trip. Explore these Western states and more.

New Mexico Scenic Drive: Billy the Kid Trail

Infused with the romance of the Wild West, this route through Billy the Kid country rides the trails of outlaws, sheriffs, and cowboys. Learn more about the Billy the Kid Trail.

Utah Scenic Drives: Scenic Highway 12

Utah's Scenic Highway 12 showcases a land of ancient cultures, pioneers, and explorers. Learn about this scenic drive, and see maps of it. See more »

Washington Scenic Drives

Washington scenic drives allow you to fully experience the state's varied terrain. See photos, highlights, and maps for three Washington scenic drives. See more »

Utah Scenic Drives

Utah scenic drives bring the state's prehistoric landscape to life. See photos, highlights, and detailed maps for several Utah scenic drives. See more »

Nevada Scenic Drives

Nevada scenic drives include the Las Vegas strip and awe-inspiring mountain ranges. See photos, highlights, and maps of Nevada scenic drives. See more »

New Mexico Scenic Drives

New Mexico scenic drives showcase the state's rugged beauty. See photos, highlights, and detailed maps for six great New Mexico scenic drives. See more »

Oregon Scenic Drives

Oregon scenic drives showcase the pristine wilderness that Lewis and Clark first described. See photos, highlights, and maps of Oregon scenic drives. See more »

California Scenic Drives

California scenic drives offer views of historic landmarks. See this useful information on California scenic drives, including maps and photos. See more »

Colorado Scenic Drives

Colorado scenic drives are brimming with mountain sights. Learn why the rugged wilderness makes Colorado scenic drives so appealing to tourists. See more »

Idaho Scenic Drives

Idaho scenic drives highlight the expedition trails of Lewis and Clark. Learn about Idaho scenic drives, and see photos and detailed maps. See more »

Arizona Scenic Drive: Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway

Arizona's Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway forms a scenic passage to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Learn more about this scenic drive. See more »